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The AMSI Higher Education program provides research training and support to students and early career researchers.

Enhancing the student experience
The AMSI Summer and Winter Schools bring together students from around Australia to develop their skills with specialist subjects. Within the two to four week residential schools, students hear from leading researchers in the field, meet potential employers, build networks and establish research collaborations.

ACE Short Courses give students another opportunity to deepen their knowledge with condensed courses offered by experts in the field.

Promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration
AMSI BioInfoSummer is the major annual bioinformatics event in Australia. This exciting area of interdisciplinary science blends technologies from mathematics, statistics and computing to help solve biological problems.

AMSI Optimise is an annual networking and research training event launched in 2017 to strengthen mathematical optimisation research collaboration and its applications across industry.

Training the next generation of researchers
Each year approximately 50 undergraduate students receive AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships (VRS). For six weeks students experience life as a researcher, working closely with a supervisor on real life research problems and present their findings at AMSI’s student conference (AMSIConnect).

The Shared Honours Program is a national program of collaborative teaching over the Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) Network. The program gives students access to a wider range of subjects, increasing opportunities for students with specialist subjects from other universities.

The annual AMSI vacation schools and scholarships are funded jointly by AMSI and the Department of Education.


The radical improvement of mathematical sciences capacity and capability in the Australian community through:

  • the support of high quality mathematics education for all young Australians
  • improving the supply of mathematically well-prepared students entering tertiary education by direct involvement with schools
  • the support of mathematical sciences research and its applications including cross-disciplinary areas and public and private sectors
  • the enhancement of the undergraduate and postgraduate experience of students in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines
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