Support for the partnerships

AMSI provides support for partnerships under the MPE Network, this support includes:

  • A central website with information about the network and a platform for sharing ideas and resources
  • An annual MPE Network scientific meeting, bringing Agency and university partners together to share research and build networks
  • The opportunity to attend and speak with students at AMSI flagship programs

Planning your partnership

We suggest nominated agency and university contacts work together to map out a plan for the first five semesters.  This will help match agency and university goals and provide guidance for participants.

Start by looking at the first period, what it will become in the second period and what that might turn into in 2 – 5 years.

Outline timeline

This timeline provides suggestions on the type of activities that you may wish to consider, it is for guidance only and to show the potential for development of the partnership and should not be read as an expectation for each partnership.

Our hope is that each partnership will be established and grow in alignment with the specific priorities and goals of the partners.

A period may be taken to be a either a semester or a year.

Period One

  • Agency representative(s) come and talk to first and second year undergraduate classes as part of the course, highlighting the opportunities with mathematics Talks are connected to the curriculum and may include videos
  • Agency representative(s) present a seminar to honours classes, highlighting an interesting area of research and encouraging students to explore the opportunities with further mathematics

Period Two

  • Successful activities from Period One continue
  • Agency representative(s) run a master class for honours and/or PhD students, the class would teach some advanced techniques in the context of agency research. A representative from recruitment could come and talk to the students about career opportunities within the agency
  • Relationships built during Period One lead to the opportunity for a Postgraduate  and supervisor to spend a day on site at the agency
  • Agency recruitment invited to present at the university open day
  • Joint supervision by university and agency of a Vacation Research Scholarship student (seasonal)

Period Three

  • Successful established activities continue
  • Agency representatives give specialist seminars for University Staff and students and University researchers invited to give specialist lectures at Agency
  • Joint University and Agency supervision of an honours student
  • Undergraduate students invited to Agency for a site visit
  • Joint University and Agency PhD supervision
  • Development of joint University and Agency research projects

Period Four

  • Successful established activities continue
  • Joint University and Agency research papers published
  • Preparation of joint University and Agency research funding applications
  • Agency and university partner AMSI Industry Intern projects
  • Representatives of the Agency sitting on university department committees

Period Five

  • Successful established activities continue
  • Successful joint University and Agency research funding
  • Shared University and Agency Postdoctoral positions
  • Development of a graduate fellows program
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